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YWCA Karachi has been working since 121 years and worked for women concern in togetherness across the border of nationality, ethnicity, race and religion.  At the time of partition of  Indo pak in 1947, YWCA was the only women organization in the region which catered  for the repatriated/migrant  for  women, who got shelter  in YWCA  and  government camps. We offered them shelter, food, health care and much more. We established two Skill Development Centers/ income generation Centers for these women  at  Korangi and New Karachi and market their  products at  YWCA outlet  to eliminate the role of Middle men. The Korengi Center is still operative and have catered 5 generations all together till date..  We focused on our vision of quality life for women and girls and a better world for humanity through the YWCA community. We have learnt to live with difference of opinions, as this is democracy. Our working relation are very professional and we maintain this with dignity..

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